Njut Lagom! # 7

In order to maintain this documentary material I tried to carefully investigate and question. First of all I had to decide where I am going to photograph. This was a pretty easy task. I have been living in Sweden for eight years and I have got a good picture about favourite Swedish leisure places. There is a wide range of places for every season. Swedes love the outdoors. All year round, there’s at least one activity that can be enjoyed come rain, shine, or winter snow. In wintertime many Swedes spend their days in mountain skiing and cross-country skiing resorts. The absolute “must” is to take coffee breaks between ski passes. As an indoor leisure place Swedish families and elderly people like to attend a swimming pool. In early springtime many garden lovers come out to their little garden houses and start to prepare for the summer. During summer, you’ll find people out hiking, camping, wandering through forests picking wild berries and mushrooms. Very popular in Sweden is to attend such organized happenings as flea markets, old car shows, car bingo, dancing events and many more.

During their holidays free time is filled with various projects that need to get done. Ideally, one should of course leave the city where you live and get to the summerhouse, the red cottage with white corners or load the family and animals into the caravan and head to a campsite. Swedes are big fans of caravan camping. In Sweden they started building caravans in 1932 and now, 80 years later, there are about 280,000 registered caravans in Sweden. The Swedish campsites are well attended and many stay at the same place with their caravans throughout the holiday. Favorite places are booked early and then a small vacation home is built up with awning, deck chairs, washing lines and barbecue. Some of these homes even remain throughout the winter.  Though their caravans have wheels, they stay immobile with a thought “we can be mobile”.


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