relationship to the photographed object

the relationships assignment took a good while to complete –  3 situations in two weeks … i really felt that i need much longer time for every  single situation. i kept coming back to places numerous times in hope to catch some special and intimate moments what cover relation between those people who i studied.

one of the place i visited was the meeting point for socially vulnerable people, who have substance abuse problems, like drug addicts, criminals etc. these people are offered an alternative in drug-free environment, where they may feel the community, eat lunch or drink coffee together.

the first hurdle a photographer faces is approaching the people, people who are different from you and people whose values and customs are different. here one can face rejection, so you have to be strong in mind and convincing so as to persuade the people to allow you to come near them and work amongst Them.

i went back regularly and had a coffee with Them and had some chat about everyday things, thus gaining their trust. after while i felt comfortable myself to spend there an hour or two and listen to their life stories or follow to places where they used to gather and had some drinks or drugs.

when i studied anthropology i learned that a researcher has to approach the people without preconceived notions about the various institutions he has to study. to reach some good result you should have desire to understand the strange and different. i have this desire, but i wonder if  it would still remain in case i’m not just an observer?


5 thoughts on “relationship to the photographed object

  1. danweill

    Hi Gunta,

    The first image in this post is such a strong one – I really like the placement of the figures and their varying postures.
    Nice one.



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