Judo with Björn

Yesterday I got such an inspiration… i met Björn who is a physiotherapist. he gave a lesson in Judo for children with disabilities. this opportunity to do photo-shoot came up at the last minute and arrived to the gym a little bit late. i was nearly running round and asking parents if it was ok that I take some pictures here.  it was great relief hear that they had no problems with that.

I attached 50mm fixed lens to a camera and started my dance round those kids looking for interesting moments, situations, relations between them…i was totally amazed by all the hard work Björn was doing and positive energy he radiated. despite the fact that the group had 14 kids, where everyone requires exceptional attitude he kept paying attention to every single… filled with love and dedication.

Well, I’m not sure how much do they learn the art of Judo but one thing is for sure – they learn basic fundamental movement skills that gives them so many opportunities to progress in either sporting or physical activities, but also in their everyday lives. besides this training facilitates their communication capabilities. some of them have found new friends here….

at the evening when I was chatting with my friend on Skype, she asked me – what’s inspires you? There are so many things that inspire me! I just spontaneously answered – “PEOPLE who do something good for others and are completely engaged into it with empathy and heart inspire me”.  also i get inspired by the meeting of new people or old friend or family  or or or…

what about you??   What’s inspires you?


2 thoughts on “Judo with Björn

  1. uta

    love this series, especially photos 2 and 5, the expressions are great.

    curious about your street photography in sweden in the winter!

    all the best,


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